Impact of the Day

“An unintended gift”

Writing has been a very enjoyable journey.

I’ve said before, it’s cathartic to put words on paper and get your emotions out. It’s also a great form of inspiration for me when something I’ve written has made a positive impact on others.

But one unintended consequence of writing has really surprised me.

Deliberately analyzing thoughts and ideas, which is necessary for me to write, I’ve discovered a new ability in myself to see things from new perspectives—a form of enlightenment.

I’ve always been a strong-willed person. I analyze everything through my own lens of experience and come up with the “one correct” solution or point of view.

Everything else, in my mind at least, was wrong.

Seriously, I was so black and white about the subject that I couldn’t even allow for an illogical argument to be considered. I dismissed it as ignorance. Even if I didn’t interrupt them with my opinion, I still wasn’t listening.

I wasn’t rude about it, most of the time, but I gave zero credence typically if I couldn’t see the logic in it or if it differed from the way I saw the truth.

A great example is that I used to have a running debate with Annette about multi-tasking. She can do it, I can’t. I have to focus on one thing. I would argue about the numerous, scientific studies that all concluded that multi-tasking was inefficient. When you focus on one thing at a time, you actually get more done.

I would bring up another study that every interruption we get while in a “Deep Work State” takes 7 full minutes on average to recover from. Each add’l task that divides your attention is merely another interruption you have to recover from.

It doesn’t seem to affect her though. She works well under pressure. Pulls of amazing feats even when waiting til the last minute.

With my old perspective, I would say “Imagine how much more you would get done if you focused on one thing at a time…”

There was no wavering of my convictions. I was right, no other options.
But after 9 months of consistent writing, my mind has been opened up a little.

At one time eggs were bad for you. Too much cholesterol. Then they were good. Eat eggs they said. At one time, “Pork was the other white meat” yet we digest it exactly like red meat. For the longest time we had to have zero fat diets to lose weight and Diet Soda was a god sent. Now we eat diets consisting of mostly fat and know that diet soda is full of cancer-causing poison.

In all these examples, people had a different perspective. But as new information, or age old info comes back in favor in the case of nutrition, becomes available we gain new perspective and if we’re open-minded make new discoveries.

Despite those new discoveries, there are still vast amounts of people that do very well eating a high carb diet. They consume hardly any fat and lots of protein and tons of sugar. But they’re still healthy and fit. For them, they have great success and why change it.

The old me would have said, “But imagine how ripped, strong, and healthy you would be if you just switched over to high-fat?”

But today? I actively listen and try to understand. It will either enlighten me to something new or further cement my beliefs. Regardless, their methods work for them & they didn’t ask my advice anyway.

So, while I may not be able to multi-task, others work better in a state of chaos.

Annette multi-tasks, I focus deeply. Some do low fat, but I do high fat.

An unintended gift from writing—the ability to gain a new perspective.