cartoon-pic-with-micI am a Loving Husband and Proud Father first but I also wear many different hats: Writer, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Real Estate Broker, Philanthropist, Protector, Dragon Slayer, & Social Super-Hero with the list still growing.

The one common thread among all my jobs and endeavors is that my actions are always driven by my greater purpose, to Make an Impact on Every Life that I Touch.

I’ve always been compelled to look out for the little guy. To protect those that can’t defend themselves. Not just my family & friends, but everybody. As I wrote in my story I am My Brother’s Keeper, that phrase has a different meaning to me. I am Everybody’s Keeper!

Because the Real Estate industry is rampant with Gimmicks, Lies, and Greed–my mission is clear. I must stand up & protect you from these predators and their tactics. I run my own Real Estate Brokerage, Reese Realty and my company is  is committed to offering a superior alternative to the traditional real estate model. I have a proven, documented approach that is subject of my book “The Value Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate, a practical guide to protect yourself from Real Estate Greed & bank an extra $30,000 profit by thinking like the great Warren Buffet

I have just launched my new, monthly publication called The Reese Report where I connect with my readers through personal stories, interesting topics, and articles exposing real estate greed and unethical behavior. You can receive your free copy every month by singing up here and filling out the form.

I am also pleased to announce the launch of my new Podcast, Rocklin Advice Givers, set to hit your iTunes this spring. Interviewing the areas brightest minds featuring local entrepreneurs, business owners, & philanthropists. We’ll discuss common struggles & problems faced in business and in life. Much like the Reese Report, nothing will be off limits. Be sure to watch for the announcement when the first show will be live for download.

Something that is important for all of us to do is give back to our communities. I am doing this through my own personal support of various charities, through my For First Responders Only Program®, my Free Book For Charity program, and Impact Club®.  I’m also in the process of putting together an annual event to raise money to feed the hungry. I am always looking for people to get involved so if you are interested please reach out.

Everything I do is guided by my greater purpose. Whether I’m protecting somebody from unethical’s and greed or just advising and helping somebody to improve their life or situation,  or trying to raise money for a cause–The impact I make will always be positive.