Who the hell cares about what you have to say?!

“Who the hell cares about what you have to say?!”


That’s the common question I got when I began working on this project. To be honest, it made me hesitate. “Who am I to think I can do this?!”


I knew my purpose. To make impact—to inspire & motivate. If our paths cross, I want to touch your life in a way that sparks your desire for greatness!


But I had a problem.


My message was going largely, unnoticed. I wasn’t inspiring as many people as I hoped.


I was failing at my greater purpose.


People would tell me that I should be a motivational speaker. They identified with my belief system. They could tell that I am passionate and that I inspired them. So, what’s the problem?


To answer that question, I need to take you back to about 2 years ago.


I was making a small impact on my community, but just one person at a time. I made a difference in my client’s life and those I had relationships with, but my message and the impact I was making would top there.


Sometimes people would share my message, but that didn’t seem to have much impact. They weren’t necessarily story tellers. Plus, who were they telling? Was it somebody that wanted to be inspired? That’s like leading a horse to water that isn’t thirsty. Of course, it won’t drink.


You can’t inspire those who aren’t ready to be inspired.


The root of the problem? I had no platform to reach people on. Other than chance meetings in passing, I wasn’t putting my message out there. I wasn’t publishing any content. I didn’t have a public forum.


If I was truly going to make an impact, I was going to have to reach larger numbers of people with more frequency. More specifically, I needed to reach people that were ready to be inspired. One on one wasn’t going to cut it.


I needed to shake things up and figure out how to reach those people. I’d been listening to various podcasts already and realized something. I sought those shows out. I didn’t just turn on the radio for background noise. I had to find them, and when I did, I actively listened because their messages resonated with me.


That became my next big project. So here I am, nearly 2 years later and it’s still not off the ground. Why? Not lack of preparation. I have the platform set up. I have the artwork. I have the equipment. I know what the show is about, and I definitely know it’s purpose.


My hesitation was simply fear. Suddenly I’m paralyzed with fear of what people will say and what they will think of me. Will they even listen? What if I suck!? What if everybody thinks this is just another crappy podcast pontificating about my business. Basically, shameless self-promotion.


There’s a ton of those shows already. Actually, it’s worse than self-promotion. I get invitations all the time from a couple of shows. They call me to tell me how I would be a perfect fit for their show and that people need to hear from me and all it takes to book my appearance is a $299 deposit today and then another $299 at the time of production.


Seriously?! I’m perfect for your show but you want to charge me to be on it? That seems really reputable right? I mean, Jimmy Fallon charges Miley Cyrus to come on his show and be provocative right?


Absolutely not! Zero credibility to be on a podcast or radio show that I paid to be a guest on. That was my greatest fear, that people would assume I was like those types of shows.


But that fear has to go! I have a commitment to my purpose. Those that don’t like my message don’t have to listen. But I can reach those that do and make impact.


The time has finally come for me to stop hesitating. It’s still scary as hell, believe me! But as I always tell my 5-year-old Gavin when he’s afraid of something, “Captain America and Spiderman get scared too buddy. Bravery isn’t about not being afraid, it’s about being afraid and doing it anyway!”


If I expect him to be brave, I need to man up too!


So here we go! Rocklin Advice Givers Coming Soon. To inspire and motivate greatness in all of us! I’ll be interviewing local entrepreneurs, thought leaders, philanthropists, and community leaders to bring their messages of inspiration to you—to make impact!


It’s fascinating to find out what makes these people tick. What motivates them? What struggles, and hardships did they have along the way. How did they overcome them? What advice do they have for those of us that want to do what they’ve done?


This is what truly inspires and drives us to achieve. So, to answer that question:


“Who the hell cares about what you have to say?”


Aspiring Entrepreneurs. People with ideas but they’re just too scared to take a leap of faith. People that long to make a difference. People that love to help one another and be part of their community. Anyone that loves a comeback story.


People that want to be inspired and that want to make an impact, that’s who cares about what I have to say.


I’ll keep you posted on the progress. I have several interviews lined up and I know that their stories will resonate with you. Believe me, I’m still scared, but I will be brave and power through it.


In the meantime, please do me a favor. If you know any entrepreneurs, thought leaders, philanthropists or community leaders, please let me know. Together, we can make a much greater impact than any one of us on our own.


That’s all for now. I hope you go out and make it happen today! See you again soon.

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