The Gatekeeper – The Supervillains of Real Estate Part III

The Gatekeeper – The Supervillains of Real Estate Part III

 The Gatekeeper. He is angry and filled with resent that for homeowners, he is no longer their primary source of property-information…

This month, we conclude this three part series. In previous columns I’ve written about The Cheetah, as well as Dr. Ego—a villainous creature whom always chooses his self-interest over the best interest of the client.

So today, let me introduce you to yet another Real Estate Supervillain, a terribly resentful creature. His name? The Gatekeeper.

This is the most insecure of all Real Estate Supervillains to the point his insecurity defines him. He feels so commoditized and so interchangeable, by his prospective clients, that he’s devised an “evil scheme” to restore the balance of power. He is, as is name describes, The Gatekeeper.

Want to know the details on a specific property? Just want to know the price of a home you’re interested in? Too bad – you must contact The Gatekeeper.

By attempting to control the flow of all real estate-related information, this Supervillain establishes himself as the “necessary middleman,” standing between you and what you want to know. And, just as is the case with most insecure people, this Supervillain jokes excessively, can’t enjoy silence, and is overly authoritative – all in a desperate attempt to make himself appear important.

But make no mistake. It’s the role of being the “middle man” this villainy character most relishes.

Secretly, he resents information-seekers. He hates this new “Information Age” and the Internet, which has made it so easy for people obtain the property-information that was once reserved only for Realtors®.

“What happened to the 1970’s?” he says to himself, (in his angry voice) “When only Realtors® had MLS information!! and EVERYONE!! had to come to me?!”

This Supervillain, it’s quite apparent, hates the fact that his role as a primary information-source has been decimated – that his importance has been reduced to nothingness. So, he strikes back by protecting every last shred of information that he can think to safeguard.

And this Supervillain is EVERYWHERE. You need not look far, or search too hard, to find The Gatekeeper.

Want to see that latest list of foreclosure or bank owned properties? “Tough luck!” says The Gatekeeper, “Not without coming to me first. Call this #… Or text this # to… Or visit my website…” – where of course, another “gate” awaits you.

Even the smallest of details that might interest you, like, “how many bedrooms or bathrooms (?) what is the square-footage (?) are there any pictures…” again, you find the The Gatekeeper standing between you and what you want to know.

And truthfully, as the middleman, this Supervillain is more annoying than dangerous and, as much as this Supervillain desperately wants to feel important, and have power – being a “control-freak” – he doesn’t realize how “small” it makes him look. He hates being labeled a “salesman” too, but his pest-like behavior has won him six back-to-back Oscars.

Salesman. Middleman.

It’s just the role that he plays perfectly, and it comes natural to him. And, it should be noted. This Supervillain’s secondary personality-type is that of The Cheetah.

So as a word of caution, should you decide to engage The Gatekeeper – start running – because now that he has your contact information, he’s coming…

This Supervillain is dual threat.

But what truly puts the ‘super’ in Supervillain, with this one, is his need to control and “keep” information from you – in his mind, it’s the only way to keep you “dependent” on him. To keep you “needing” him. It’s sort of sad, but the simple concepts of trust and relationship are foreign to The Gatekeeper. Precisely, what make him so dangerous…

You just never know if he telling you the whole truth. He may be keeping a Trump card from you, because he thinks that is what makes him important and necessary—that he has information that you do not.

The solution? When you spot The Gatekeeper, and it’s not hard, realize you have someone in front of you who can’t be trusted.

Information is everywhere, you shouldn’t be held hostage simply to obtain what is readily available. If The Gatekeeper were smart, perhaps he’d pioneer a new approach to sell real estate, through research and testing, so legitimately he could better serve his clients.

He could even put those findings in a book, the accepted method to document knowledge. Not to mention, a much better way to convey value.

Of course, I’ve been saying that for years now. And for years now, this Supervillain has never changed course. So I doubt he ever will.

Again, thank your for reading this column.

I speak about the Real Estate Supervillains in a way that is, hopefully, entertaining and a bit tongue-and-check. But I’m also quite serious about the frustration and danger and annoyance they cause. Protect yourself.

Chris Reese is the Co-Creator of ‘The Value-Driven Approach: A practical guide to protect yourself from REAL ESTATE GREED & bank and extra $30,000 by THINKING like the great Warren Buffett.’ He is a licensed agent with Reese Realty and a local entrepreneur as well. For a free copy of his book visit:

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