…without Chris, none of this would have ever happened…

…without Chris, none of this would have ever happened…

by Yvette & Herbie

I strive to make an impact but sometimes my clients have an impact on me. This client review is so heartfelt and well written that it got me a little chocked up.  

               My husband Herbie and I just worked with Chris Reese to both sell our home in Modesto and buy a new home in Lincoln. He saved the day so many times for us that it’s hard to keep track.  We’re absolutely convinced that without Chris, none of this would have ever happened.

             Chris was referred to us by a lifelong friend. After my initial consultation with him I was impressed. He showed us some homes and after multiple trips and tours we decided on a new home in Lincoln that wouldn’t be ready until Summer of 2017. We thought we just needed him to help us buy since the home we were selling was far away. So, we listed with a local Modesto agent. That was a mistake!

            I reached out to Chris to get some advice because our listing agent didn’t’ seem to be getting the job done. I told him all about it. He asked me a bunch of questions. Then he gave me some advice and he sent me a copy of his book. When I read the book, I realized that my listing agent had made a lot of mistakes. Then it rubbed salt in the wound to find out Chris could have listed my house for me regardless of the distance.

            What surprised me though, was Chris never tried to steal our business as most agents would that I’ve dealt with before. It would have been easy for him too because we were fed up with our listing agent. Instead, Chris gave us advice that lead to the sale even though he wouldn’t get a commission. I asked him why and he said he just wanted what was best for us. He helped us negotiate the deal when our listing agent wanted us to cave in and just do whatever the buyers asked for.

            Once we closed on our sale we thought it was smooth sailing from there since we had already signed the contract for the new builder home.  This wasn’t the case. There were problems with the lender and the builder.  They were playing games and tried to pull the deal out from under us twice. 

             The lender’s appraiser made mistakes and had to go back out several times charging us add’l fees. Then the lender was so late with getting the loan docs out that timing-wise, it was impossible to meet our closing deadline. Once again, the builder was going to cancel our deal and the lender wasn’t helping to fix the problems.

             Luckily, we had Chris in our corner. He pulled strings, negotiated, and ultimately got the lender and the builder to work with us and be reasonable.  He even got some of those fees waived and we finally closed!

             If it weren’t for Chris, we would have never made all this happen.  We would have been forced to sell our home at a deep discount. But we didn’t because he saved the day. We would have lost our new home and been homeless, but he rescued us again and again.  

             We will never work with anybody else but Chris and Reese Realty.  We make sure our friends and family work with Chris too. In fact, our daughter and son in law are working with Chris as I write this to buy a new home as well.

             He saved the day so many times he ought to be wearing a cape. His approach and strategies worked exactly as he said they would. His negotiation skills made us a lot more money on our sale and he is completely selfless putting our needs before anything else. He’s our Real Estate guy for life and if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home he should be your Real Estate guy too!

We could never thank him enough!

Yvette and Herbie

Chris Reese is the co-creator of ‘The Value-Driven Approach: A practical guide to protect yourself from REAL ESTATE GREED & bank and extra $30,000 by THINKING like the great Warren Buffett.’ He is a licensed agent with Reese Realty and a local entrepreneur as well. For a free copy of his book visit: www.SendMeYourBook.com

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