I Can’t Do This Without You!

I Can’t Do this Without You!

“….they were going to take every precaution to insure the safety of both mother and child but if they had to make a choice….”

We were so overwhelmed sitting in our hospital room staring at our brand-new baby boy. A nurse pokes her head in to check on Annette and says in an irritated voice, “Does he always scream like that?” I replied, “I don’t know, we only met him a couple of hours ago…” I can be a smart-aleck but this was an honest, literal comment. We were new parents and had no idea what to expect. We were still relishing over the fact that we made it.

It was just a few days prior that we were sitting in Dr. Z’s office for what seemed like a truly routine appointment but like the reality show, “When animals attack” that changed instantly. Our due date was 2 weeks out but he told us we’d be having our baby on Friday. Then he said it.

“Don’t worry, your baby is going to make it just fine”.

Annette and I both looked at each-other with confusion. The look in her eyes mirrored my own thoughts,

“Was he saying she may not survive?!”

After a prolonged stare, I nervously asked him “…. what about my wife?” He confirmed our suspicion. He explained that during the procedure that they were going to take every precaution to insure the safety of both mother and child but if they had to make a choice between them, they would save the baby first. There it was. He was telling us that my wife might not make it.

Inside we were both freaking out a little. Never once had we thought that Annette could possibly not survive this. I remember thinking, “I can’t do this without you!” but somehow, we kept our composure. My only answer for that is that we were working with the top OBGYN in the area. His reputation preceded him and we couldn’t have had more faith in a doctor.

Despite the life altering news we just got, we trusted him implicitly and knew if we just left it in his hands that we would have the best possible outcome. Scared $#!%less, yes, but also calm because we had put our trust in the right person and he was the best at what he does.

Dr. Z began unveiling his proven strategy for my wife’s somewhat unique situation. He started to explain those precautions he mentioned. There would be additional doctors assisting with her procedure. They would have a special machine in the operating room that recycles her own blood to be reused. They would also have eight extra pints of blood on hand just in case. This was all getting very serious but his confidence was comforting. I knew he was the man but I started realizing just how lucky and grateful we were to have Dr. Z. He was the only way I was going to go home with both my son and my wife. My family needed Dr. Z like a fish needs water and thank goodness, we had him!

Annette’s procedure wasn’t going to be typical. She had a large fibroid blocking the birth canal. It had prevented the nurse from finding Gavin’s heartbeat the first time so we had a healthy fear of it throughout her pregnancy. Hormones, due to the pregnancy, cause the blood vessels to swell. Because of this, if they were even to just get nicked in surgery, she could bleed out.

So, removal was out of the question. A normal C-section wasn’t possible. They were going to not only cut vertically and higher up on the torso.  Annette is very strong willed and quick to stand up to anybody to protect someone. She was Mama Bear long before she even thought about having a child. She was trying to remain strong.

Fast forward to Friday. No rushing around to grab a haphazardly packed suitcase with my wife in labor screaming at me to get the keys, get her coat, etc. We were robbed of that experience for a much scarier and riskier adventure.  Most of our family and closest friends were there. We checked in very early in the morning. Hung out in a private room while they were prepping Annette for Surgery. The room was full of tension and anticipation.  The moment of truth was about to happen. They took Annette away and I was suited up and brought into the operating room to join her. I thought to myself,


Annette had sheets curtained all around her. All I could see was her face and all I could do to comfort her was touch her shoulder.  Annette looked very scared and I was doing my best to remain strong but I’m sure she could tell that I was terrified. The surgery began.

Lots of commotion and orderly chaos. I felt the vibrations radiating through her body as they jerked on the baby trying to get him out.

It was like they were ripping her apart.

The doctors were so forceful that her head and shoulders were visibly moving up and down the operating table. She grimaced with every tug and pull. I can only imagine how that felt.

Watching Annette I thought back to the doctor’s startling words, “Don’t worry, your baby is going to make it” and I thought again, “I can’t do this without you …”. With a couple more tugs, Gavin was born. “He’s Perfect!” said the man who just performed a miracle. I had to hold back tears. As the crew were putting everything back in place (my wife’s insides that is) and sewing her up, they brought Gavin around the curtains to meet us. Annette had just been through major surgery and childbirth all at the same time and now because of how high the incisions were, she couldn’t hold him like most mothers get to do. For just a short moment, the nurse placed him high up on her shoulder and Annette kissed him with tears in her eyes. He was 8 lbs. even and 22 inches long and as the doctor said, PERFECT!

We had gone through the full gamut of emotions. Having a baby is one of the happiest moments in your life and my wife risked death to do it. I can never be more

thankful to Dr. Z. His confidence allowed us to trust him and focus on the positive.  We put all our faith in him as we knew that he would give us the best possible outcome. For him it was all in a day’s work but to us he is a hero.

That’s what we all need when relying on somebody else’s expertise—to know that the person hired will get us the absolute best result. Dr. Z knew the exact steps and strategy to deliver my son and wife home safe to me despite life threatening complications.

When it was all done, he looked at me and smiled and I realized right then that he has the same relationship with his patients as I do with my clients. I don’t deliver babies, but my real estate clients put complete faith and trust in me every day.  I use my proven approach to get them superior results and protect them from all the danger and risks. They know that I am the one that will give them the best possible outcome. When my clients feel the same way about me that my wife and I feel about Dr. Z, I know I’ve made impact.

And just like Dr. Z, I get to smile at them.

Chris Reese is an entrepreneur and the co-creator of ‘The Value-Driven Approach: A practical guide to protect yourself from REAL ESTATE GREED & bank and extra $30,000 by THINKING like the great Warren Buffett.’ He is a licensed agent with Reese Realty and host of the Rocklin Advice Giver’s Podcast. 

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